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Hackpen Hill 24/5-08

InnleggSkrevet: Man Mai 26, 2008 10:39 pm
Et spennende innlelegg av Karen Alexander ( om den nye sirkelen på Hackpen Hill:


This huge formation measured approximately 650ft and whilst a seemingly simplistic design, is nevertheless a huge formation to be occurring so early in the season. The design is very similar to the first circle of the season at Waden Hill a pattern of six interlocking moons, or crescents, to create a flower shape.

However this circle also bears a relationship to the Milk Hill formation of 2001 - another gigantic crop circle - as this pattern seems almost like the skeleton or bones of the Milk Hill formation. Flesh it out - by adding many small circles along the lines of this new circle and you have in essence the design of the Milk Hill formation.

2001 was a pivotal year for the crop circle phenomenon and for the whole world - I wonder of we are being told something important here
about the nature of 2008?

Karen Alexander May 2008[/img]

InnleggSkrevet: Man Mai 26, 2008 10:42 pm
Hackpen Hill - rapport fra bakken:

This formation was first reported in the morning of May 24 2008.

The formation spans across approximately 620 feet of young barley crop. The laid crop within the glyph was found to be largely neat and clean, with the majority of the downed barley neatly bent at the base. Some 40% of the crop has recovered to its original upright posture and continuers to grow in an apparently healthy fashion.

The center of the glyph was noted as being moderately damaged. Given the delicate nature of these young plants, and also the spindly design of the circle, the damage found within the circle was considered consistent with the activities of at least a half dozen previous visitors.

Where the tram-lines intersect the glyph thick curtains of standing crop remain perfectly in tact, as if completely untouched by whatever created the circle.

Charles Mallett

InnleggSkrevet: Ons Mai 28, 2008 11:05 pm
Spennenede refleksjoner, geometrske analyser, referanser til den siste kornsirkelen som var på dette stedet. i 1999. Se: ... n2008.html